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Learn how 4 marriages & 4 divorces showed Michelamonè how to use keys and strategies to turn rejection into F.U.E.L.

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About Rejection Saved My Life

Every woman .. has experienced rejection...

 "What if I told you that over the last 20 years, I have been married and divorced 4 times and the last one was designed to kill me emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically and yet, I still walk in forgiveness for it all?" - Michelamonè 

Every woman, from birth to adulthood, has experienced rejection at some point in her life. Parental rejection, rejection in marriage, childhood rejection, rejection in the workplace and so much more. Often, she is left wounded, lifting baggage that is too heavy to carry. Michelamonè, with great vulnerability, will allow you to look into her four marriages that ended in divorce. You’ll learn that her forgiveness was tied into how she viewed being rejected and finally, how rejection saved her life. There is a place and time for becoming whole again after the worst of circumstances. “Rejection Saved My Life” gives you 15 Transformational Keys that you can use to turn rejection into F.U.E.L.™ (Faith Upgraded to Exponential Levels). If you apply these keys, you too, can experience how rejection can also help save your life. 


About Me

My background

 Michelamonè holds a Masters Degree in Adult Education Development and Training. She is an empowerment speaker, a mentor and coach. She has been know to train and speak in front of groups of 1 to 5000 people at any given time. A woman of great vision, she has had many accomplishments throughout her years in the business world and in the ARTS. She has owned a consulting firm, her own insurance company, two separate photography businesses, a magazine and volunteers here time as the President and Founder of The R.E.E.C.H. Project. She has been honored and celebrated with many awards like the Distinguished Alumnus for her alma mater AIU. 

As a Chicago native, Michelamonè has found that her love for the arts is just as prevalent as her love for business. You can find her imprint as a Choreographer, a performer in the art of dance, a Poet and actor. She played one of the original cast members in 13 Women the play for two years and 13 Men in September 2014. Her talents have been featured on television with a role in a nationally televised commercial for T-Mobile as well as on several national blogs and radio stations here in Chicago. Recently she has written and directed her own stage production, My Last Party™ has gone up in two separate sold out runs in 2016 and 2017. 

My writing roots

 After going through her journey and processes in life with 4 marriages and 4 divorces and the last one designed to take her out, mentally, emotionally spiritually and physically, Michelamonè now uses the strategies and techniques she has learned  and now helps other women that have been rejected and left broken. She is an Expert Relationship Coach, an Award Winning Speaker, an Author, Ordained Minister, writer and Philanthropist. She has learned how to master her emotions and use them, rather than allow them to use her. She is the epitome of how rejection can be leveraged for your benefit and gain. She now coaches others the same keys and strategies that have taken her from Rejection to Redemption, to help them create abundant lives through healthy and viable relationships.  Buy it at Amazon books.

My style

The writing voice of Michelamonè is intimately transparent, invitingly descriptive and authentically creative. She speaks from her heart and intuitively brings the reader into her mind space. Her transparency has been said to be refreshing. The authenticity that spills over into her creative nature makes her book even more vivid. Michelamonè believes that life is a institution of learning, she says... "We can learn all we can and work successfully towards the highest degree, or we can flunk out, give up and watch others do what we only wished we could."  Her story is breath-taking, awe-inspiring and difficult to put down.


Must Read!

 "I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked up Rejection Saved My Life. I just knew I would be able to relate to some degree. Sometimes you think you’re alone in the challenges you face and the circumstances which have made you YOU but OMG!!!...... This book took me on such a journey of “aha moment”, “girl stops”, “well I’ll be damns”, and “so it ain’t just me’s” that it’s not even funny. I haven’t had the same course in life as the author, but there is so much relatability in way the emotion of this book unfolds. There is value and encouragement in every nook and story if you’re willing to open up to receiving it. She’s not just telling her story, she’s inspiring. There’s this humor, empathy, and passion present throughout that makes the book hard to reject (no pun intended). It’s definitely a must read."  - Farrah B.

She's Speaking Your Words!

 "Rejection Saved My Life is a very insightful look at the Author Michelamonè. This tear jerking Novel will not only motivate but it inspires us not to just see the glass half full,all while showing us that endless Devotion to Jesus Christ and getting to know thy self and worth can be one of Life’s Greatest accomplishments by articulating experiences for many that remain unspeakable .It also makes you look at yourself as you definitely feel as if she’s speaking your words." - Sierra M. 

Refreshing Transparency!

 "Rejection Saved My Life" is a candid look into the life of Michelamonè Henderson and her journey towards freedom through rejection. This book will teach readers to embrace the process of rejection by allowing Christ to take you step by step  through it. We have been taught for so long that rejection is the unbearable thing that happens and often times we as people can't recover from it.  "Rejection Saved My Life" will give readers realistic solutions as to how to overcome. Michelamone bears her heart and soul in her written words. Her transparency is refreshing. Her writing, conversational. This book is a page turner that will have readers on the edge of their chairs. With all of the adversity, obstacles, and rejection that the author has gone through, she is the perfect person to help others conquer rejection. Reading this book will give readers a new appreciation for the process we all must go through to get to our more mature places in Christ. Get ready to laugh, cry and be inspired as you read "Rejection Saved My Life". - Lashanda H. 

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